Golden Raisins

Nutritional value:
100 grams of raisins contains about 300 calories and is composed of approximately 75% carbohydrates, 5.3% fibre, 2.8% protein, 0-4% fat and is rich in potassium.

Color: Reasonably well Coloured.
Flavour: sweet to tart, typical of the variety, and free from off or burnt flavours.
Moisture: 15% max.
Admixture: 1% max.
Imperfect: 5% max.
Sugar: 60% min.
Sulphur: 2000 ppm max.

Per 100g of Edible Protein:
           Potassium       746 mg
           Magnesium     33 mg
           Sodium            12 mg
           Iron                  1.7 mg
           Vitamin B        11 mg
           Vitamin C        1.3 mg

Uses: Raisins are eaten as choice food and used in many productions for flavour in bread, cake, sweets, and wine.